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ReadyNAS Vault is an automatic backup and disaster recovery option for network data available with all ReadyNAS systems.

Backup anything (or everything) on your ReadyNAS offsite and recover from any web location. It’s that easy.

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Today, hardware and system failure account for 78% of all data loss. Simple drive recovery can be costly and success is not guaranteed. The ReadyNAS Vault will save you both time and money in the event of disaster.

Access your Cloud Anytime

ReadyNAS Vault makes it easy for you to store and access files online, even when you are out of the office. Get immediate access to your data or restore lost files with just a few clicks.

Restore from your Cloud

Disaster strikes – your hard drive is fried and it looks like you have lost everything. With ReadyNAS Vault protecting your data, you will be back up and running in no time.